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About Christina

Christina Becher“As a fine arts major in college and freelance artist for many years, watercolors has always been my favorite medium.  The flow of the paint, along with the spontaneous and ever changing reaction to water, continues to make each painting exciting, new and different.  But along with this aspect, I am always drawn back to my graphics training and love to combine my watercolors and illustrations with graphic elements.”

Christina has a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. She has worked as a graphic designer and art director in San Francisco, CA and Charlotte, NC.  Christina has been freelancing for many years and currently lives in High Point, NC.

If you are interested in purchasing  or commissioning a painting or graphic artwork, please contact Christina at christinabecherart@gmail.com or 336-688-3412.

All images and reproduction rights are the sole property of Christina Becher Art.

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